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Kevin Wellik Excavation LLC provides sewer water service in Stewartville, MN, for the ongoing benefit of the community and its residents. Working with local officials and companies, we can set up service in a particular area, by excavating the trenches needed to lay the pipe connecting to the main sewer or water line, and have all work inspected by town, county, or city officials. We can accomplish an innovative treatment of wastewater, so that it is not disqualified for future use.

By using a cost effective treatment program, we can render tainted water to a usable state again. We also handle sanitation treatment, and we have the heavy equipment for transporting sewage away from a community area to a much less inhabited one. One of the by-products produced as a result of industry is wastewater, which has been corrupted by processes and materials used in the manufacture of goods. We can treat this wastewater so that it is made usable again, or at least to make it suitable for release into a sanitary sewer system. Untreated wastewater is a hazard that can endanger the health and well-being of all residents of any given community. At Kevin Wellik Excavation LLC, we are more than willing to work with local officials for utilities and local industry to supply treatment services and programs that will help to keep the Stewartville, MN community safe for all its residents.

Through proper monitoring and proper treatment programs, all sewage can be kept out of the water supply and good standards of health can be maintained for all. 

Our firm is very proud to be a part of the effort to ensure that all harmful wastewater, sewage, and other harmful agents are kept away from town. Like many area residents, we’re working toward a cleaner community!

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