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Not everyone lives within the town limits or within the boundaries of some other well-defined community, with their utility services and benefits of community life available to all residents.

If you’re building a house in a more rural setting, or if you happen to own one that is already situated in such a setting, chances are that instead of being connected to a sanitary sewer system, you have a septic tank installed underneath the ground adjacent to your house. Kevin Wellik Excavation LLC provides services for septic systems in Stewartville, MN, both for the initial installation of whatever size tank you need, and the ongoing maintenance for your septic tank, whenever it requires emptying. We can haul away all the sewage for you, and ensure that your septic tank is ready for operation again for a long interval, before the next maintenance is required.

Our company has many years of experience at this kind of work, and we have the equipment to do septic tank pumping and hauling away of sewage from your tank. We also offer a wide variety of other related services like clogged drain repair, and fixing water pipes which may have sustained a leak or break somewhere.

We use environmentally advanced techniques for the handling of all septic installation, as well as the removal of septic materials, so that it never becomes an issue for residents of your home.

We can discuss what you can do to encourage proper leaching into the underground environment, and what we can do for you when eventual pumping is necessary, along with hauling away of waste materials.

If you are building a new home in a rural area, contact Kevin Wellik Excavation LLC for a free estimate on installation of a septic system on your property.

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