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At Kevin Wellik Excavation LLC, we have had more than 28 years of experience in commercial and residential projects that were associated with the housing industry.

We have the heavy equipment and the professional skills to operate that equipment expertly to accomplish whatever project we have taken on for our customers. All employees working with our firm have been fully licensed, bonded, and insured, so that you can be completely confident of the highest quality work and professionalism when we take on a project. Our heavy trucks can haul sand and rock fill around construction sites, and for this we do all the loading and the hauling ourselves. In the area of excavation work, we can dig out trenches needed for the laying of sanitary sewer systems, and we guarantee that our work will be in compliance with all local codes and standards.

Sometimes on construction sites, waterways need to be dug so that proper runoff can occur, and ponding does not occur at the construction site, or in the eventual residences. We also do site prep work and demolition when called upon, and this, like all our other professional services, is guaranteed. Residential areas that are not within city or town limits, and do not connect to sewer lines for those areas, will require the installation of septic tanks, which is another service we provide to our customers, as well as the maintenance for those septic tanks.

Septic tanks periodically need to be emptied out, even if proper leaching is occurring into the surrounding environment, and when this kind of work is necessary, Kevin Wellik Excavation LLC will be glad to handle it for you.

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